Myra Downing, campaign manager, discusses why this campaign matters to her.

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Labor & Jobs, with Debby Pattin

Longtime community activist and advocate Debby Pattin shares why she supports Joe Downing for Port Commissioner this Fall.

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Leatta Dahlhoff Endorsed Joe way back in the Spring - learn why in this new video.

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 Here from a Tumwater Voter on why she supports Joe Downing this Fall.
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I rest my case

This about sums it all up.

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Investing in Our Future

The Port is very transparent - our financial statements are right online.  But many things the Port does don't fit in a box on some spreadsheet.  Many investments are less tangible - what's the price of a healthier environment, or a more vibrant neighborhood?  Hear straight from Joe in our newest video...

Vision 2050 - A new path

The Port just finished an 18 month community outreach and planning process, culminating in Vision 2050, a plan that will guide us long into the future...learn more in Joe's latest video. 

The Story of Swantown

John Swan would be proud of his Namesake Marina and Boatyard. Learn about this vibrant Port District in a new video hosted by Joe Downing

Remediation, Redevelopment - The Story of East Bay

To clean up environmental messes, it takes redevelopment.  Learn about how East Bay went from a contaminated site to an emerging neighborhood.

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Meet Joe Downing

 What keeps Joe Downing going in this campaign?

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Not Everything Fits in a Box

Joe Talks About the future of the Marine Terminal

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