Climate Change


The Port must do everything in its power to reduce their own, and influence others to reduce their carbon footprint.  We support transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles, providing electrical hook ups for ships when they visit (aka shore power), and partnering with local businesses to build solar panels installations that will lessen dependence on fossil-fuel generated electricity. Locally, our planning and actions on  sea level rise should be coordinated with the City, County and State. Working together, we can plan and adapt.


Water Quality

 Our local economy is based, fundamentally, on water.  And we spent a century damaging and polluting our waterways.  Now, it is about respect and restore.  Respecting what we've learned about protecting and enhancing Puget Sound.  Restoring shorelines and water quality so it is vibrant for generations to come.  This IS about jobs, but it is also about quality of life and why we choose to live on the shores of the Salish Sea.